Documents For Sitters

The documents you find on this page will provide useful reference material and help you perform your role as a sitter more effectively.

You will find our Procedures and Codes of Conduct as well as a sample copy of the current contract.

The fees list is for sitters as they join Sitter4Pets – these indicate the likely costs to the new sitter and to the company.

Other documents will appear here as they become available.

Sitter4Pets Procedures

These procedures provide full instructions for the duties required of a sitter.


Sitter4Pets Codes of Conduct

Sitters with Sitter4pets are expected to conduct themselves in a suitable manner – this document gives the basic details of this.


Sitter4Pets Sample Contract

A sample Contract between the sitter and Sitter4pets.


Emergency Procedures – Pets

What to do in case of an emergency with a pet.


Emergency Procedures – Property

What to do in case of an emergency with the property.


Safety and Security Guidance

Follow these guidelines to help promote your safety and security.