Stage 5 – Pet First Aid


The next step will be for you to complete the online Pet first aid course.

Now that you have completed the bank account section of your Profile, I can send you the payment for the course.

Here is the link to purchase a voucher for the course:

Voucher for Online Pet First Aid

Please follow the instructions on the Groupon site so that you can redeem your voucher.

This voucher will be needed for when you create an account on the New Skills Academy website so you can start the course.

The instructions for all of this should be easy to follow on Groupon but please let me know if you experience any problems.

Please update the Progress Record (to the right hand side of this screen) when you have completed this course.

NB – you will notice that the progress for T-shirts and Police Check are showing on the Progress Record.

These will be carried forward until you have confirmed that you have received them.