Stage 6 – Pet Sitting Diploma


Now that you have ready to complete this course, I will send you the payment to your bank account.

Here is the link to purchase a voucher for the course:

Voucher for Online Pet Sitting Diploma

Please follow the instructions on the Woucher site so that you can redeem your voucher.

This voucher will be needed for when you create an account on the International Open Academy website so you can start the course. The instructions for all of this should be easy to follow on Woucher but please let me know if you experience any problems.

The main two pets that you will be asked to care for are dogs and cats. The pet sitting diploma covers many varied pets such as guinea pigs, snakes, fish etc.

To save some time during this sitter onboarding process, I have allowed for only two of the 17 modules to be completed at this stage.

Please read through the modules relating to Dogs and Cats. Once you have done this, please update the Progress Record.

In the next stage you will complete 2 quizzes based on the content of the Cat and Dog modules.

This will confirm that you have read and understood what you have learned in the modules.

The remaining content of the Pet Sitting Diploma can be worked through after beginning your role as a Sitter.